Tasting Notes

We started Hello Blue CBD because we knew people were missing out on the benefits of CBD oil because of its taste. Why not make something that is good for you AND tastes good?

Each product page has the option to choose an all-natural flavor additive. Just click on the “Flavor” menu and scroll until you find your favorite (there is an example of how to do this at the bottom of this page). Most product lines have the option of all flavors, so go ahead and try different combos!

CBD and MCT Coconut Oil. This is almost flavorless, with just a slight sweet hint of coconut.
Our peppermint adds a brisk note to the sweet of the coconut oil. The result is an almost candy cane taste. Yum!
Rosemary adds a clean hint of earthy flavor to the coconut oil. Rosemary leaves a pleasant aftertaste that reminds us of mom’s stuffing on Thanksgiving. Thanks mom!
Looking to replace your morning coffee? Our cappuccino flavor is super dreamy. It’s combination with the coconut oil makes us want to guzzle the whole bottle. Lingering notes of nutty rich coffee.
Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Strawberry mixed with coconut oil reminds us of a strawberry milkshake. Sweet and satisfying.
Our lemon flavor is light and clean, yet warm. The combination of lemon with coconut oil reminds us of lemon pound cake. Yum, yum!
Oh wow! Lime tartness with coconut is like flying to Key West and ordering a Key Lime pie. Just delicious. Ten out of ten; would order again!