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Hello Blue CBD sponsors many professional and world-renowned athletes. Our Regular Line of products is THC-free and WADA compliant. Scroll down to learn more about these amazing people and their favorite Hello Blue CBD products.

Un-Professional Cyclist

Phil Gaimon was a professional cyclist from 2009-2016. He’s the author of “Draft Animals” (2017), “Pro Cycling on $10 a Day” (2014) and “Ask a Pro” (2016), an ordained minister, amateur comedian, podcaster, Fondo host, and creative marketer. Phil is retired from racing, now riding bikes for fun and chasing hillclimb records around the world for his YouTube show, “Worst Retirement Ever.”

Professional Cyclist

Alison grew up on a ranch in California and learned to ride a horse long before discovering bikes. A rider for Specialized Cycling, she also has an M.S. in Clinical Psychology, is on the Board of Directors of USA Cycling and is a founding member of The Women’s Cycling Association. “Be Bold. Do Work. Ride Bikes”


A 4-time Cyclocross National Champion and U23 Pan-American Continental Cyclocross Champion. In addition to retaining her U23 Women’s National Championship title, she claimed the top spot as the overall U23 UCI World Cup Series winner, and placed second as a member of Team USA in the U23 World Championships.

Pro Road Cyclist

Ayesha is a professional road cyclist, an advocate, and a creator – of music, of video and photography; she’s also a traveler, and most importantly, a granddaughter – a daughter – a wife. It has been said that Ayesha McGowan’s secret sauce is her mental toughness. “Cycling is a unifier. We all enjoy bikes. I want to encourage an idea of unity, not just among cycling disciplines [from the beach cruiser riders to the Cat 1 crit racers], but also all different ways people present or identify.”

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