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Unlike isolated or synthetic cannabinoids, TRUE Full Spectrum hemp oil refers to pure oil that features the complete plant profile of the same cannabinoids present in the original hemp plant providing an all-natural CBD hemp oil extract supplement that allows the cannabinoids to work together in what is called the “entourage effect” to achieve a natural state of homeostasis in the body.

Our Full Spectrum oil contains the cannabinoids CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBA-A and terpenes including β-Bisabolene, β-Farnesene, Guaiol, β-Maaliene and many others. Click through to individual products to see the complete list of terpenes. Each 1oz (30ml) bottle contains 0.133% THC, and our 2X Concentration contains 0.266% per ounce. If you are interested in pure CBD that is THC Free, or if you want to add a flavor like Lemon Drop or Strawberry, try our Regular Line of products.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot ship Full Spectrum to all countries. If it is available in your country, you will see the option to purchase on each product page. If not, you will not be able to add it to your cart. Thank you for your understanding.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Relief FS



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Anxiety Relief

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Pain Relief FS


Anxiety Relief

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