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We’ve created bundles of some of our most popular products so you can try more and save more! Some bundles, like our Sample Size oils, have variable pricing … the more you add, the greater the discount. Others, like our Lip Balm Bundle, are a set price that reflect a discount over buying each product individually.  If you have questions, just click the green Chat box in the lower right corner to talk with a live person or send us a message.


Do you struggle with chronic or acute pain? We created this bundle just for you. We’ve combined CBD with all-natural Boswellia extract, which is known to be effective in addressing rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease. As the health-risks of NSAIDs are becoming more known, Boswellia is increasing in popularity. Combined with CBD, Hello Blue Pain Relief packs quite an anti-inflammatory punch! To purchase a bundle, select your favorite flavor in the drop down menu for the Pain Relief 15ml Sample Size, then scroll down and click "Add to Cart" Each bundle includes 1 - 15ml bottle of pain relief (drops that go under the tongue or in a drink), 1 - CBD Body Butter DAILY (applied topically to sore muscles or dry skin), 1 - CBD Lip Balm Jar (lime flavored, fantastic for helping to prevent painful, dry ips) and 1 - CBD Lip Balm Tube (the same ingredients as the jar in a convenient, take-anywhere container).


.5oz Jar and .15oz Tube of all-natural lip balm with CBD in assorted flavors that you can choose. Bundle and Save! Keep the jar on your desk or nightstand and take the tube with you when you are on the go!

From: $14.75

Not sure which Hello Blue CBD product to get? We've created sample sizes (.5oz / 15ml, half the size of our standard line) that you can bundle for greater savings! The more you bundle, the greater the discount, from 5-25%. How To Create A Bundle: Click the "Add" button below each product for a list of available flavors, then select the number of bottles for that variety.

  • Bundle of 2: 5% discount over individual price
  • Bundle of 3: 10% discount over individual price
  • Bundle of 4: 15% discount over individual price
  • Bundle of 5: 20% discount over individual price
  • Bundle of 6 or more: 25% discount over individual price

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