Phil Gaimon is Making Us Better

Phil Gaimon uses a variety of Hello Blue CBD products. Check out the end of this post for a list of some of his favorites

Sure, we all need seemingly immortal athletes to inspire us to be our best in our versions of fitness and competition, but Phil Gaimon is proving that making the world a better place means caring about more than just stage races. 

Gaimon raced professionally from 2009-2016, and when he walked away from cycling at the highest level, he started having fun. But also, he started making cycling fun for everyone. When he’s not handing out cookies to the pros half-naked in a Cookie Monster head, he’s setting KOM (King of the Mountain) records around the world on Strava, for his YouTube show, “Worst Retirement Ever.” 

More People on Bikes

Gaimon has become a crucial voice in the cycling community, constantly advocating for better infrastructure and for finding ways to make riding a bike easier and safer. One of his most recent projects is in partnership with State Bicycle Company. Together, they’re attempting to break down the barriers to bike commuting and bike riding for everyday errands. 

Phil Gaimon and State Bicycle Company will help you bike to work

Cookie Fondo

And for the third consecutive year, Gaimon is hosting his own Cookie Fondo, benefiting Chef’s Cycle for No Kid Hungry, which does great work across the U.S. funding meal programs at public schools. This two-day event — October 26th-27th — features a course for every rider. From the 32-mile “mini chip” that boasts no climbs at all, to the “double fudge” for the “nearly crazy by all measurable standards,” which involves 12,000 feet of climbing over 110 miles. 

Changing the world — making an actual difference — sounds daunting to anyone. But Gaimon is using his platform to not only help kids in need, but also to remind us what’s really important. Bikes are for everyone, and being good to each other is something that we could all practice more. 

Get Involved

Phil puts Hello Blue CBD Energy in his coffee for an early-morning boost without the crash

Want to help make a difference? Check out the Cookie Fondo, No Kid Hungry, and Gaimon’s collaboration with State Bicycle Company on his website. And if you’re in the Santa Barbara area, head to the Hillclimb World Championship and bring him some cookies (just, not oatmeal raisin). 

Phil’s Hello Blue CBD Products of Choice:

Energy (cappuccino flavor) in the morning, usually mixed in with a cup of coffee

Original Full Spectrum after a workout

Sleep (lemon flavor) before bed

Phil also uses Muscle Butter ACTIVE on whatever is sore…and considering how hard he rides, there is usually quite a bit that is sore.

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