How To Get Into A Regular Sleep Cycle

From the time I was a kid, I’ve always had a hard time sleeping somewhere other than my own bed. My parents would even pick me up from sleepovers as soon as everyone started getting ready for bed — I just wanted to be in my own space.

As an adult, I’ve never liked the idea of sleeping pills — I’ve heard too many horror stories of zombie-like effects. So for a long time, I basically accepted the fact that if I was away from home, I would almost definitely sacrifice sleep. It never kept me from traveling, but it did mean many nights of less than satisfactory rest. I finally discovered that most of my issues came down to routine. Now, if I stick to a familiar routine, I can get a decent amount of rest, even if I’m camping in the wilderness. 

Hello Blue CBD Sleep is perfect for helping you stay in your nighttime routine while you are on the go.

Don’t go crazy

First, I have to pay close attention to what I’m eating, especially at dinner and for evening snacks. Being away from home almost guarantees the inability to eat exactly what you have in your own kitchen, but mimicking normalcy as much as possible helps. So, I usually avoid trying something I’ve never eaten before, especially the first night in a new place. I pick foods I know and keep it as simple as possible. I’m not saying you have to eat a bland meal the first night of vacation, just maybe don’t go nuts on foods and drinks you’ve never had before. And, pack familiar snacks.

Keep it calm

I’m also sure to not eat too much as bedtime approaches. I love a late-night sweet snack, so I stick with a couple small pieces of dark chocolate or a fig bar. For a long time I didn’t believe in the calming effects of nighttime tea, but I’m an absolute convert now. I love peppermint and chamomile with a little lemon and honey. I don’t know that there’s anything necessarily magical going on with Sleepytime tea, but again, it’s the routine. Just like reading a child a bedtime story, doing specific things readies the body for rest.  

Hello Blue CBD Sleep has also become part of my routine. It contains 600mg  – 1200mg of CBD (cannabidiol) and 300mg of Melatonin per fluid ounce to help you get the rest you need, no matter where you are. The lemon flavor is a perfect addition to nighttime tea, and the 0.5 oz. bottle is perfect for traveling, and even backpacking! 

CBD and melatonin that can be absorbed through the cheek or under the tongue are used for insomnia, shift-work disorder…even to calm people before receiving anesthesia for surgery.

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