The Founding Team

Cristina Chapman

Two parents with different cancers drove her to investigate the benefits of CBD. Gets super excited about product development, and loves working with customers in customer care. 

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Matt Singley

Oversees marketing and technology. On a bike ride when not in the office. Has Ankylosing Spondylitis and Crohn’s Disease but no longer needs to take any medication for them.

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Sniffer of things. Taker of naps. Oversees emotional support of staff and customers. Loves diving in the water after a ball. A very good boy. 13/10, would snuggle again.

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Our Story

The inspiration for Hello Blue CBD came about far before the company did, in 2010. That’s the year my mother passed away from colon cancer.

For the 5 year long battle, mom was on a strict sugar-free cancer diet.  She would be good all day long, and right before bed would grab a nibble of a cookie.  When I caught her, she exclaimed, “I have to live a little! I’m human after all!” I wished I could find her a sweet snack that would help, not hurt.

Shortly after, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  When I first learned about CBD in Colorado and its effectiveness in treating epilepsy, I suggested we try CBD oil to see if it helped him, and he started taking it on a regular basis. His cancer levels went down and stayed down. After seeing his progress I wanted to buy him a lifetime supply, but it was so expensive.  

When forming Hello Blue CBD, we considered the cost. How could we make it more affordable for people that need it? How could we put it within reach for everyone?

We also considered the taste. Let’s face it, most of the CBD products on the market just don’t taste very good. Not everybody likes the taste of hemp, so we decided to offer our main product lines in organic MCT coconut oil instead of hemp oil. We think it makes a big difference.  But we knew we could make them even better! We spent a lot of time and tasted a lot of different flavors, and we came up with some delicious combinations that we think you’ll like too (you can read more about them here).

We have seen CBD work wonders in our own lives, and believe that CBD should be within reach and taste delicious.  That’s where the name, Hello Blue comes from. Blue skies give us the feeling of warmth from the sun, a refreshing breath of clean air in nature, the peace of being part of something greater than ourselves and the hope for better days ahead for our children and yours.  

We’ve created a delicious, high quality, low cost line of CBD oils that we think you’ll love.  

We’re human, after all. We need to live a little. Life is to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest.  So indulge in a treat and promote healing and happiness from the inside out.

Please let us know how Hello Blue CBD works in your life. Drop us a line or find us on social media. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

In health,