A Sting to the Snout: CBD for Pets

Road Trip!

I would be hard pressed to remember the last time I was stung by a bee or wasp. In fact, I’m not sure it’s ever happened in my adult years. I vaguely recall a bee sting or two at the local pool when I was a child — my brother and I likely taunting with sticky snacks. 

But at the tail end of a week-long road trip through Montana, I encountered an unpleasant reminder. My husband and I had our dog, Ten Paws — a 65-pound boxer-mix — on a short hike to swim at Flathead Lake. We had biked and hiked all week, and were just looking for a casual late-afternoon outing. I wore running shoes and short socks instead of hiking boots. We didn’t bring any of our usual first-aid gear. 

If you have an anxious dog, Hello Blue CBD For Pets may be the answer

Unwelcome Encounter

After splashing in the water and snapping some photos of the crystal clear lake, we headed back to our cabin. We always hike with Ten Paws between us, in case we come upon another dog or something unexpected. Seemingly out of nowhere, Ten Paws started yelping like I’ve never heard. He swatted his nose and bucked like a bronco. Then I realized what was happening, and felt the hot pinches on my ankles. I shouted, “Go, go, go!” Yellow jackets were everywhere — stinging all of us nonstop. We ran through the woods, ducked under a fallen tree, and dashed up the hill. 

All told, we each suffered several stings and a heavy jolt of adrenaline. After stopping at the local drugstore for Benadryl, we couldn’t stop sympathizing with the terror Ten Paws had experienced. At 2-years-old, he’s not exactly a puppy, but often still has the energy of one. In reality, he probably handled the scare better than any of us, but it was still traumatic. 

CBD Soothes

We add CBD oil to Ten’s food (or in a freezy-treat, see recipe) to calm him down, take away anxiety, and help him get a solid night of sleep, even on days when we haven’t been running for our lives!

Freezy-treat recipe: (make 2-3 at a time)

“Freezy Treat” — your dog is going to love it!

4 tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce

40 drops Hello Blue CBD For Pets

Mix together

Spoon into a kong or small Tupperware container (Ten Paws likes his in a little green dish — easy to lick!)

Freeze mixture and serve

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