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Ambien is $188 with my health insurance and the sleep CBD I’ve been using is $43. Easy call.     

Phil Gaimon - Pro Cyclist / Los Angeles, CA


CBD Sleep

600mg CBD + 300mg Melatonin

I’ve seen CBD Calm work wonders for people with anxiety, and our dog who was anxious is much better after CBD For Pets!

Cari C. - Nurse Practitioner / Carpinteria, CA


CBD Calm

600mg CBD + 1,200mg 5-HTP

CBD has helped me feel better overall, and I think I’m still very active because of it. I really like the CBD Pain Relief.

Tony C. - 81yo Cancer Survivor / Camarillo, CA


CBD Pain Relief

600mg CBD + 1,500mg Boswellia

Muscle Butter ACTIVE

600mg of CBD with the counterirritant properties of menthol and the pain relieving properties of camphor.

Muscle aches are a natural consequence of working out, but they shouldn’t slow you down. Enjoy your workouts and performing to your maximum potential. It goes on like a lotion, stays on like a salve. Waterproof and ready to tackle your next adventure!